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Avangate Helps Software And SaaS Vendors Keep Pace With Cloud Trends

The Problem:
Software publishers are deeply impacted by the increased adoption of cloud and mobile technologies, resulting in SaaS and cloud services options. With the advent of digital delivery, the publisher is now brought directly into a relationship with the end-customer, bypassing traditional channel partners and threatening to undo years of channel investment on both sides. Software and SaaS vendors are in a dual quandary: how can they carefully follow what buyers want and have context-aware touch points that allow them to adjust their product to their needs at any time, while simultaneously balancing and nurturing existing channel relationships to leverage sales?

The Solution: In this fast-changing and increasingly competitive market, Avangate helps software and SaaS companies manage revenue across multiple models, channels and markets, all while keeping local and international product distribution seamless, integrated and secure.

The Avangate e-Commerce platform includes:

  • Multiple revenue model support across both online (e-Commerce, affiliates) and offline (distributors, VARs) channels helps centralize and simplify business rules;
  • End-to-end customer lifecycle modules to support subscription activations, upgrades and amendments, and renewals; also, support on-premise software download management, licensing/key management;
  • Comprehensive 24 x 7 end-customer support in more than nine languages, with risk and fraud screening;
  • The ability to sell in more than 100 countries with localized payment methods, currencies and multi-lingual support; and
  • Enhanced APIs supports integration within a vendor’s applications, external user account/access controls, CRM/PRM systems, accounting and ERP systems.

The Perks: Avangate enables clients to grow revenues worldwide with a single focused SaaS solution, enter new global and local segments through expanded channels and diversified licensing models, and accelerate time to market with a self-service, configurable business solution. The solution was designed to allow users to manage business performance by leveraging a 360-degree customer view, cross-channel visibility and control, leading to maximized growth and retention via channels. Software publishers can take control of and gain opportunities with end-to-end customer management: from purchase to activation, to upgrade and renewals across the customer lifecycle. 



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