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ChannelEyes Offers New Ways For Vendors, Partners And ISVs To Connect

The Problem: More channel players are turning to social media to build relationships with partners and end-users. While sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook provide an open forum for vendors to share information, announcements and resources with partners, these sites may not be the most efficient way to get heard.  

The Solution: ChannelEyes was developed to provide a more efficient and streamlined way for vendors to engage with their channel partners. Rather than operating with friends, the free social network acts as a filtered selection of vendors’ feeds, which are posted on users’ walls. The site also was developed to allow exclusive channel information to be exchanged in a secure way.
Designed specifically for suppliers and resellers, ChannelEyes operates in a secure platform, complete with role-based filtering. As a result, organizations can capture the most relevant content, including incentives and promotions, ensuring organizations optimize every sale opportunity. Moreover, users can tailor their feeds based on their respective industries so they can follow the right companies, and obtain the right resources and contacts.  

The Perks: As a free social network, ChannelEyes allows resellers and suppliers to have anytime, anywhere access to their feeds and all updates from vendor partners. Currently in beta, the emerging social network is accessible via desktop, smartphones and tablets, with optimized applications for Android devices, iPad and iPhone being released in the near future.



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