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Merchant Warehouse Partners With PrestaShop

 Merchant Warehouse, a provider of payment technologies and merchant account services, recently announced its partnership with PrestaShop, an open-source e-Commerce solution that powers more than 130,000 active online stores worldwide. 

Through the new collaboration, PrestaShop and Merchant Warehouse will offer end-customers a robust online transaction processing solution. Merchant Warehouse now is integrated into the more than 300 native features offered in PrestaShop v1.5.

“We’re excited about the PrestaShop relationship because Merchant Warehouse really started in online and e-Commerce,” Jim Fink, VP of Merchant Warehouse, said in an interview with Channel Marketer Report. “This new partnership will allow us to work with a slew of developers across 130,000 online stores and penetrate that base of merchants with our solutions.”

With Merchant Warehouse, PrestaShop end-customers can securely process all forms of online payments — including credit, debit, rewards, gift cards and even checks — from any payment processing device with no additional fees, according to a company press release.

To go-to-market effectively, Merchant Warehouse and PrestaShop are collaborating and being “very proactive” with campaigns to touch current customers, as well as merchants that may not be using Merchant Warehouse, Fink stated. In fact, the companies’ strategy is two-fold: One campaign will go to the 130,000-plus outlets that currently use the PrestaShop open-source online shopping cart. For the other campaign, Merchant Warehouse and PrestaShop will tackle the developer network “because they’re the driver of what a retailer is using for a payment processing solution,” Fink explained. “Once we have a relationship with the developers, they will steer their clients to us when they’re being set up.”

Outside of the PrestaShop relationship, Merchant Warehouse is working on several campaigns to drive brand awareness among potential clients, ISVs, developers and even merchants, according to Fink. The goal of the campaigns is to increase education on the Merchant Warehouse brand, as well as its technology solutions, which are designed to support both traditional and emerging payment types.



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