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HP Helps Partners Accelerate Cloud Sales Opportunities

HP recently announced two new programs designed to help partners expand sales opportunities via the cloud. With the new initiatives, partners can leverage HP Cloud Services, the company’s public cloud.

Currently available via a private beta, the new additions to the Cloud Builder Program will “enable global system integrators (GSIs) and value-added resellers (VARs) to offer their customers a hybrid delivery model across private, managed and public cloud environments,” according to a company press release.  

“Partners and organizations alike are strapped for resources, making it difficult to invest in the newest technologies for their customers,” said Roger Levy, VP of Technology and Customer Operations for the Cloud Services branch at HP. “HP’s partner programs and service additions demonstrate our ongoing commitment to engage partners and clients in innovative technology capabilities, helping them to reach new markets, grow their customer base and, ultimately, ensure their profitability.”

The public cloud program for GSIs will provide partners with consulting services while allowing them to build applications and/or resell services leveraging HP Cloud Services, as well as help customers transition to the cloud. Program members have access to the following designated cloud testing environments and collaborative go-to-market opportunities. Members also will receive sales, technical and support resources that expand their public cloud practices.

VARs will be rewarded for referring customers to HP Cloud Services, maintaining relationships and continuing annuity-based commissions. Members will have access to HP training, co-branding opportunities and marketing tools to generate sales. Starting summer 2013, HP will offer financial incentives for partners reselling HP Cloud Services.

HP also introduced three new “as a service” offerings within HP Cloud Services, which were designed to provide customers with faster time to value and simplified cloud deployment. They include the following: 

  • HP Cloud Monitoring, which will help users identify potential issues before they impact production using infrastructure metrics, alerts and notification tools.
  • HP Cloud Load Balancer to optimize application response times and reduces IT management costs by distributing web traffic across multiple servers.
  • HP Cloud DNS, which was designed to help developers save time by translating domain names to IP addresses using a global network of servers, leading to seamless access to a faster more reliable global domain name system service. 



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