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Magento Focuses On Strengthening Partner Program

To ensure end-customers receive quality care and advisement in the area of e-Commerce, Magento is focusing on refining and improving its Solution Partner program. This is one of the many areas the company is honing in on as a result of increased demand for its Enterprise Edition offering. In fact, Magento will be “introducing innovations across every area of our business in the first half of 2013,” Roy Rubin, COO of Magento and X.commerce, said in a blog post.

Rubin added: “As our merchants’ needs become increasingly sophisticated, they need to feel confident that they can find the right Solution Partner to help them build, deploy and grow their online businesses.”

Magento is strengthening the Solution Partner program by guaranteeing partners have the following skill sets:

  • Strong knowledge of e-Commerce and the Magento platform;
  • Skills in design, development, integration and marketing; and
  • A record of successful Magento implementations.

These higher requirements mean all potential and current Magento partners must meet a “more rigorous criteria,” Rubin explained. However, the company also will be providing training and certification that partners need to deliver efficient implementations.

However, for system integrators that don’t meet the new program guidelines, Magento has created the Associate program, which was designed as a way for these companies to create and maintain a relationship and knowledge of Magento.

 “Our goal is to help Magento Associates develop the skills they need to become Magento Enterprise experts and engage in Enterprise implementations,” Rubin noted. “These companies may or may not have the goal of joining the Solution Partner program, but we will provide them the resources and opportunity to do so if they choose.” 

With the updated program, Magento will monitor partner quality based on customer satisfaction level, and will offer merchants new tools to identify the best partners to meet their unique wants and needs. 



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