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IBM Unveils Commerce Composer Solution With Help From Partners

To help retailers create a dynamic, personalized online shopping experience, IBM has introduced a new solution, called Commerce Composer. Presented as part of its WebSphere Commerce platform, the new solution was unveiled during this year’s NRF BIG Show.

IBM Commerce Composer was designed to help retailers reduce time to market by providing executives with real-time control over the look, feel and functionality of their online storefronts. No technical coding skills are required to make changes, according to IBM. Intuitive templates will empower marketers and e-Commerce team members to customize page layouts, optimize navigation and add new site functionality on an ongoing basis.Read More

All applications available within Commerce Composer will be provided by certified IBM partners. Developers will have plug-and-play access to a variety of e-Commerce apps, including: 

  • Content management and rich media solutions from Amplience, CoreMedia, Fluid and Invodo;
  • Community, social and customer engagement solutions from Bazaarvoice, Genesys, OpinionLab and Pluck; 
  • Product management and configuration from Fluid; and
  • Search optimization apps from Bloomreach. 

Overall, IBM Commerce Composer is expected to help retailers across categories create “fresh, innovating and engaging experiences,” according to Errol Denger, Director of Product Management and Strategy of IBM Commerce and Fulfillment Solutions.

“Whether they’re in fashion, electronics or home furnishings, retailers around the world are really focused on continuously reinventing the brand experience,” said Denger in an interview with Retail TouchPoints, sister publication to Channel Marketer Report. Previously, trends would emerge over time and last for weeks, “but now they emerge in minutes and retailers only have hours or days to capitalize on them until they lost appeal.” 

Commerce Composer was created to help retailers transform an experience within 90 minutes, Denger reported. “In fact, our power users are rolling out new templates, layouts and page experiences within 10 to 15 minutes.”

Several IBM clients currently are using Commerce Composer via a beta program. The offering will be available to users in February 2014, as part of the release of WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7.





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