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ScanSource Launches ‘As-A-Service Suite’ Program

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 5.25.28 PMScanSource, a distributor of automatic identification and data capture and point-of-sale solutions, has launched the ScanSource As-A-Service Suite. The new program is designed to create flexibility and enhance profitability for resellers by providing multiple service-oriented solution options. 

Resellers will be positioned to better tackle challenges that emerge with the transition to as-a-service and managed services business models by embracing:

  • FlexAbility: A finance tool that streamlines customers’ services, software and hardware into one monthly invoice and allows resellers to decide how they structure sales;
  • POS As-A-Service Bundle: Products, maintenance and service contracts are bundled together, allowing resellers to offer end-users outcomes at a fixed cost; and
  • Managed Retail Solutions: Resellers can own all of the IT solutions in the retail store and manage them remotely from one dashboard.

“The transition in retail to as-a-service and managed services models are hot topics for point-of-sale resellers today,” said Paul Constantine, President of ScanSource POS and Barcode, US/Canada. “End-users are driving this shift and expect to work with one reseller for all of their IT needs, with the flexibility to pay for everything as they go. Our As-A-Service Suite will help resellers be more nimble and adaptive – to ultimately better serve their customers.”



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