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Props To The Channel: Partners Of The Year 2013

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Following is a recent post from Eloqua’s 
It’s All About Revenue blog by Amy Bills, Director of Alliances Marketing at Eloqua. 

We’re thrilled to announce Oracle | Eloqua’s Agency Partners of the Year, and Rookie Partners of the Year for 2013!

Congratulations to these agency partners, who consistently delivered on driving business, satisfying their customers, and participating proactively in co-marketing activities.

“For many suppliers, the right answer is not to add more partners into their program just to drive short-term sales; instead, they’re learning that revenue goals must be reached through continuous, repeatable performance,” noted SiriusDecisions’ Laz Gonzalez, Service Director for Channel Management Strategies, in his post “The Road to Repeatability in the Channel.”

While we continue to add referral partners, the latter part of that statement is really what this honor is all about. Partner of the Year was based on the Partner Scorecard for Eloqua’s agency partners, a data-driven methodology that helps Eloqua’s business development team reward high-performing partners and incent continued success.

We’re fortunate to have a robust partner community to help make Eloqua a stronger and stickier product: Agency and revenue performance partners who offer comprehensive marketing and technology services, as well as the creative and innovative technology partners represented in the Eloqua AppCloud.

Partners of the Year 2013

  • MarketOne International, global certified Eloqua agency partner and revenue performance partner. MarketOne is a truly global partner, and we have worked with them across North America, Europe and APAC. “We’re excited and honored to be recognized as Eloqua’s Partner of the Year,” stated Mark Sullivan, President, MarketOne International. “We have an excellent partnership with Eloqua and together we’ve helped our clients drive revenue and leverage their Demand Center offerings.” Our goal is to help marketing teams deploy, integrate and operationalize their Eloqua instance to make digital communications more human and human conversations more targeted, timely and relevant.
  • DemandGen EU, global certified Eloqua agency partner and revenue performance partner. “We are very honored to get this extraordinary recognition,” said Reinhard Janning, CEO Europe/APAC . “Thanks to all our valuable clients who choose us as their partner and advisor for their journey to successful Integrated Lead Management.

Rookie Partners of the Year 2013

  • Heinz Marketing, Seattle-based agency partner. “Our customers, the hard-working people at Eloqua and the incredible modern marketers on our team are what really made this possible,” said Matt Heinz, president of Heinz Marketing Inc. ”We are fortunate and blessed to work with such amazing people, and we will continue working hard to prove worthy of this honor through the results generated for our clients.”
  • ID BBN, agency partner based in Finland. “Our success is not just achievement of mine or our committed team at ID BBN,” said Timo Kruskopf, Managing Director at ID BBN. “We have had the tremendous cooperation from our customers and a remarkable asset has been our colleagues at BBN The Business Branding Network developing highly sophisticated strategic tools for leading b2b customers.” 



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