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KiteDesk Combines CRM Automation And Social Selling

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 5.59.14 PMThe Problem: B2B buyers are turning to social influencers and connections to learn about new trends, keep tabs on the latest industry news and gather information about potential solutions. As a result, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks are becoming fruitful breeding grounds for organizations to build connections, generate leads and drive sales. However, it is sometimes challenging for businesses to connect with valuable prospects and have ongoing one-to-one dialogue with them.

The Solution: KiteDesk is a sales platform that combines CRM automation, social selling and sales intelligence in a web-based solution. KiteDesk harnesses a company’s entire network to help sales find the best and fastest path into desired prospects. With a few clicks of a mouse, users can find a prospect and request an introduction. This functionality eliminates wasted prospecting time and increases the sales teams close ratios due to the trust that is garnered from tapping into established relationships.

The solution maintains a direct line of communication to the CRM, so marketers can instantly access, create and update information in their CRM from any web page. It makes it easy to create contacts and accounts, record notes and calls, and keep the CRM system up to date. There is also an automation feature that allows users to sync email and calendar events across multiple accounts and platforms.

The Perks: KiteDesk is compatible with a variety of solutions, including:

  • Email and Calendars (Microsoft Exchange, Gmail);
  • CRMs (Salesforce, etc.);
  • Marketing automation platforms (Marketo, Eloqua, etc.); and
  • Social tools.

KiteDesk has the ability to integrate information from contacts, social profiles, CRM records, and public and private data providers to give complete and accurate intelligence on both companies and individuals. The solution also has triggers to alert sales reps immediately when an important sales opening occurs.

The solution also offers social selling capabilities, tapping into the user’s existing relationships to help find high-valued prospects. A unique Strength of Relationship Algorithm uses all of the information gathered to find which prospects are most likely to close.



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