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Marketo Announces Agency Program


In response to the increasing demand for third-party digital marketing services, Marketo launched the Marketo Agency Program.

With 50 partners already participating in the program, the Marketo Agency Program is an automated platform that tracks leads in various forms from social, lead interaction and sales-ready status, according to company officials. Clients also gain access to Marketo’s Marketing Nation.

“The Marketing Nation is a network of marketers, resources, and expertise that can help our customers and partners get successful faster,” said Sanjay Dhlolakia, CMO at Marketo. “By combining our marketing platform with the power of Marketing Nation, we can help agencies deliver more value for their clients.”

Company officials noted that program members can expect the following advantages:

  • Agency-Owned Relationship: Agencies can structure and manage customer interactions to ensure that relationships are maintained to increase the value of services delivered.
  • Capacity-Based Pricing: The pricing model is designed help agencies accelerate revenue growth and to benefit from economies of scale to sustain increased growth.
  • Flexible Business Model: The licensing model enables agencies to transfer licenses from one client to another as projects begin or end.
  • Training and Certification: Training and certification program to develop agency team members as Marketo-certified experts.
  • Guidance and Collateral: Benefit from the collective experience of working with agencies of all shapes and sizes; white-labeled marketing automation collateral powers the promotion of new services quickly



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