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Influitive Helps Companies Fire Up Partners With Mobile and Embedded Advocacy Tools

Influitive, a provider of advocate marketing tools, announced its Summer 2013 product release that includes new capabilities and features that make it easier for companies to capture, promote and reward the enthusiasm of their evangelists, including channel partners.

Two new offerings — Maven by Influitive, a mobile app for B2B advocacy, and AdvocateAnywhere, which lets marketers embed “calls to advocacy” in cloud apps and web pages — headline Influitive’s release.

 “This release is all about bringing the power of advocate marketing to a much wider range of businesses that want to mobilize and capture the enthusiasm of their fans and supporters,” said Mark Organ, Co-Founder and CEO, Influitive. “Now marketers can truly reach their advocates anywhere — with any kind of request. It’s part of our strategy to build products with an ambitious footprint, while still staying true to our niche.”

Jim Williams, VP of Marketing, said that building a platform to be able to gather all of a company’s advocates was key. “It has a gamification aspect to it,” Williams explained, adding that the idea is for partners to get involved because they are passionate and not simply because they want to win a prize. The reward could be seating in the VIP section at the next users’ group meeting.

The challenges could start out with activities such as a “like” on Facebook to other tasks such as speaking with the media and analysts or providing a product review.

With AdvocateAnywhere, companies can more easily discover and engage with advocates by asking for help or feedback through embedded widgets or “challenges” that can be placed in cloud applications, web pages, landing pages, communities or blogs. Users can employ simple to sophisticated rules to ensure that the right audiences are engaged. 

Influitive has revamped its reporting and analysis tools to offer B2B marketers better insight into their advocate marketing efforts and impact. Now users can analyze the activities, advocates and groups in more intuitive reports and visual dashboards, then drill into the details.

Influitive Maven lets advocates rate products, write reviews, provide testimonials and participate in campaigns easily on the go. 



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