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VeriFone Launches GlobalBay Merchant

VeriFone Systems, Inc., an electronic payment solutions company, has launched GlobalBay Merchant, a new point of sale software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses.

GlobalBay Merchant is an extension of the VeriFone GlobalBay software line designed to help ISOs and acquirers provide tablet POS solutions to SMBs. The platform, which is currently available for iOS devices, is built for distribution solely through VeriFone channel partners. More than a dozen partners representing a base of more than 500,000 merchants have already signed up to sell GlobalBay Merchant to SMBs.

GlobalBay Merchant includes the following features and capabilities:

  • Pricing schedule creation;
  • Support for multiple stores, devices per store and employees;
  • Inventory tracking and appointment scheduling;
  • Tracking of employee time, commissions and tips; and
  • Access to value-added services and all major payment networks and payment processors.

Merchants can order hardware such as tablets, VeriFone devices, cash drawers, scanners and printers through VeriFone channel partners.



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