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Dell Adds Google Cloud Platform To Cloud Partner Program

Dell has announced that it intends to add the Google Cloud Platform and its compute, storage and application services to the Dell Cloud Partner Program in 2014.

Developers and businesses worldwide through that belong to the Dell Cloud Partner Program will have access to the application services. 

“Putting the power of cloud in our customers’ hands — and giving them the choice and flexibility to pursue the right cloud for their unique needs — will not only help individual businesses thrive, but collectively it will drive the whole technology industry forward to a new era of innovation,” said Nnamdi Orakwue, VP of Software Strategy, Operations and Cloud at Dell. With the Google Cloud Platform, developers will have the opportunity to architect applications with managed and unmanaged services that run on Google’s infrastructure.

With access to Google Compute Engine (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), App Engine (Platform-as-a-Service), storage and APIs, developers and business can deploy applications into a scalable public cloud environment based on their needs.



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