Dell Boosts Partner Engagement With Technical Community

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 11.07.18 AM
Dell is making moves in the social space by creating a thriving community for its channel partners. In addition to the company’s dedicated social media page on the PartnerDirect partner portal, Dell has launched a new PartnerDirect Technical Community on its TechCenter web site.

Company officials said the PartnerDirect Technical Community was designed to add to Dell’s already robust social offerings, which include a dedicated social media page on the PartnerDirect partner portal. Currently, the TechCenter hosts more than 350,000 IT professionals a month, and will serve as a backdrop to the new PartnerDirect community, according to a Dell blog post.

Specifically, the new PartnerDirect community site will provide Dell’s channel network with the following:

  • Collaboration:  Including a community forum, the PartnerDirect Technical site will empower partners to ask questions, share best practices and offer advice to one another.
  • Education: The community was developed to offer new ways for partners to amp up their marketing strategies, and learn more about Dell enterprise solutions and “deepen their technical knowledge.” Through the community, members will be able to access technical information that goes beyond manual or sales aid, such as: PartnerDirect blog posts; browsing or contributing to the site’s extensive wiki; and watching informational and how-to videos. Additionally, members can participate in weekly TechChats and directly communicate Dell engineers and product designers.
  • Inspiration: Along with the variety of educational resources available through the PartnerDirect technical community, partners also will be able to participate in meaningful conversations with Dell and other partners. This more direct dialogue will potentially create “mutually-beneficial” initiatives. 



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