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Asigra Grows Partner Program By 20% With Reseller View

By Brian Anderson, Associate Editor

 Asigra, a provider of cloud-based backup and recovery software, has seen its partner program grow by more than 20% since implementing the on-demand PRM solution from TreeHouse Interactive. Using Reseller View, Asigra has increased partner engagement and participation within its web portal.

Because Asigra sells solely through MSP and VAR channel partners in an extensive global network, partner engagement and participation is vital to helping the company meet sales objectives.

However, Asigra’s previous CRM system did not provide easy management or tracking tools, and its limited feature set did not integrate well with the marketing programs being used.
Since deploying Reseller View approximately five years ago, 41.6% of all Asigra partners participate in the portal, much higher than IT industry average, according to Tracy Staniland, VP of Corporate Marketing for Asigra. Additionally, partners have downloaded 12,000 files from the portal, averaging more than 1,000 file downloads per month.

“It is the key for us to have this solution in place because it is really the central place where we do a lot of communication with our partners,” Staniland said in an interview with Channel Marketer Report. “This is the one central location where partners know where they can come to find new information.”

Reseller View has also helped Asigra address co-branding issues. Before, Asigra manually helped partners co-brand materials on a case-by-case basis. With Reseller View, Asigra now has a self-service system in the portal, which allows partners to input their information to produce co-branded content in a quick and efficient manner.

“In a matter of a minute,” Staniland said, “our partner can get PDF documents that have been co-branded, which they can put on their web site, use in an email campaign, or use in a sales situation.”

TreeHouse Interactive CEO Erich Flynn added: “We were able to show Asigra how to get its entire partner network into Salesforce. And the company needed to segment features, content, and benefits by type of partners. That is something Reseller View could do right out of the box.”

Through Reseller View, Asigra also has access to a lead distribution module that allows the company to monitor which partners are picking up leads from the portal, as well as any other lead or demand generation activities. Improved partner visibility, communication and engagement, has led to an overall boost in productivity and sales.

 “Our partner community is our sales team, so we’re always thinking about how to make the partner experience better. We need to continue to meet the needs of our partners and ensure that we find new ways to add value,” Staniland said. “In the end, TreeHouse came out on top because they can offer us the capabilities we need for our partners today, with a flexible structure that enables us to enhance our partner program in the future.”



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