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Ifeelgoods Partners With VivaKi To Personalize Customer Reward Efficiency

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Ifeelgoods, a personalized rewards solution provider for marketers, announced that it has partnered with VivaKi, a digital advertising company and subsidiary of Publicis Groupe. The partnership will allow Publicis Groupe agencies to leverage the Ifeelgoods platform and provide personalized digital rewards to consumers.

With customer rewards and incentives growing generic in the eyes of today’s consumers, the partnership aims to give Publicis Groupe subsidiaries the ability to offer individually relevant and compelling customer interactions that boost click-through rates, social shares and overall conversions.

“Virtually every component of an online ad is optimized — from the channel through the shade of color in the creative,” said Michael Amar, Co-Founder and CEO of Ifeelgoods. “However, until now, brands have not been able to optimize the actual promotion beyond setting up a discount against a free shipping offer. Now, with our partnership, brands can finally take the final step to optimize the entire ad unit and bring a sense of magic back into advertising campaigns.”



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