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Reseller BrainSell Adds Act-On To Its Offerings

, a reseller of CRM, ERP and marketing automation software, has added Act-On Software to its offerings.  BrainSell is already a reseller for a number of marketing automation solutions, including Pardot, Salesfusion and HubSpot.

The announcement comes shortly after BrainSell launched a new web site that includes a comparison tool, which is designed to help users compare marketing automation platforms available through the reseller.

“Act-On has been building a brand with small and mid-market companies in mind,” said Jim Ward, president and CEO of BrainSell. “Their support team and tools foster an actionable user experience, which is always amongst the first things we look for in a software platform.”

Because BrainSell is also a reseller of CRM solutions, they are in a unique position to provide integration with marketing automation solutions, according to Act-On CEO Raghu Raghavan.

Raghavan added: “I really believe that sales and marketing alignment is like a subtext to this whole thing — if marketing automation is to succeed, the sales people need to see the value.”

Act-On has seen considerable growth going into 2014. The company received $42million in funding back in April to grow its international presence — as well as its sales and marketing efforts. The company also recently announced that it has built native integrations to all major CRMs, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.



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