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Salesfusion Partners With Three SugarCRM VARs

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has entered into partnerships with three SugarCRM VARs in a move designed to further expand the user base for its marketing automation platform. Epicom, based in Austin, Highland Solutions, based in Chicago, and Synolia of Lyon, France, will offer and promote Salesfusion to thousands of SugarCRM customers worldwide.

Salesfusion began targeting SugarCRM customers in 2012 and many clients, including Pingtone, Medicat and Delmo, use the joint solution today, according to Bentley Hines, VP of Alliances at Salesfusion.

“Salesfusion is very complementary to SugarCRM’s solution in terms of technology as well as our customer base and target markets,” said Hines in an interview with Channel Marketer Report. “Salesfusion and Sugar together bring efficiency and visibility to customers seeking higher quality leads, shorter sales cycles, and greater sales and marketing accountability.”

Salesfusion is built on a relational database, which allows for an exact match between systems at the lead, contact, account, opportunity and campaign levels, Hines explained. This enables better segmentation and campaign execution. This boosts synergy between sales and marketing, and marketers are more confident that high-value leads are being handled properly.



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