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Conquering The Social Media Space With Falcon Social

1.5.1-Publish-HeaderThe Problem: Social media is more important than ever for all companies, regardless of their size or industry. However, with the rapidly changing platforms and audiences, confusion is common and daily workflow is interrupted. Marketers, social media managers and digital teams need to become active digital thinkers, and work collaboratively in the social media space. Particularly when it comes to customer service via social channels, how a company responds to comments can make or break a brand’s reputation.

The Solution: Falcon Social is a social media management platform used by a variety of organizations, including Coca-Cola, Pandora, Mentos, Jaguar and Redken. These businesses use the unified Falcon Social platform to listen, engage, publish, measure and manage social content. Falcon Social provides a solution that allows companies to explore the benefits of social media marketing and instill a digital-first thought process in their employees. The company has even established a formula to give customer service teams the confidence and tools they need to address issues via social channels.

The Perks: Falcon Social provides customer support seven days a week. In addition, the knowledge base is filled with step-by-step guides, webinars and answers to frequently asked questions. Falcon Social understands that every business is different; that’s part of what makes the social media space so exciting. Falcon Social works closely with customers to learn about their business needs and then recommends strategies that work. Social media engagement features also are provided to make life easier for community managers, providing tools to leave employees notes and assign tasks. With Falcon Social, employees can spend less time planning and more time doing what they do best: Talking with customers.



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