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LiveHive Partners With Act-On, Unveils New Sales Acceleration Features

LiveHive-act-on_logosLiveHive, a sales engagement platform provider, announced that it has partnered with Act-On Software. The partnership integrates LiveHive’s prospect engagement analytics tools with Act-On’s marketing automation platform, positioning users to gain additional insight  into how prospective buyers are interacting with content so sales reps can enhance their messaging.

LiveHive offers sales engagement capabilities including real-time analytics, page-by-page analytics, and recipient profiles for forwarded documents — which will all be available to Act-On customers. This integrated solution allows users to pull in prospect engagement activities from digital content into their overall lead scoring and qualification programs, right in the Act-On platform.

“With the partnership, marketing can customize the messaging to support the way sales teams sell to prospective buyers,” said Micheline Nijmeh, CMO of LiveHive. “The insights can be used to help create targeted content that greatly benefits sales reps.”

The partnership is designed to help marketers strengthen lead nurturing and content marketing programs with deeper insight into the type and topics of content that resonates with prospective i buyers. The sales team is also positioned to gain visibility into a buyer’s interest level through real-time content engagement analytics.

“This partnership gives our users a whole new level of intelligence and insight into what happens when a lead engages with sales reps,” added Atri Chatterjee, CMO of Act-On Software. “These reps then get a lot more insights into how they engage with the content, and marketers can learn from this engagement to create more personalized, targeted content.”

LiveHive also announced the launch of new sales acceleration features for its platform, which are also available to Act-On customers through the partnership. The new features are designed to give sales reps more insights and control over the content that is shared with prospective buyers.

Some of the new features include:

  • Document replacement after being sent as an email attachment, users can easily edit and replace attached document without having to resend the attachment again;
  • One-click termination of access to an emailed document, even if it has been downloaded;
  • Email link and hyperlink tracking; and
  • Access to Salesforce email templates from the inbox, helping create consistent messaging in an easier way.



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