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Impartner Helps Vendors Leverage Channel Performance Data

impartnerThe Problem: Using partner portals, vendors can empower their channel partners to better market and sell their solutions. Providing access to everything from deal registration, to product information and thought leadership content, these portals are designed to be partners’ go-to resource for a specific vendor. Although these portals can be useful for partners, it is sometimes challenging for vendors to get a comprehensive view of channel performance and ROI. 

The Solution: Impartner, formerly known as Treehouse Interactive, has released a partner performance intelligence solution that is designed to provide deeper insight into the overall return on channel investment (ROCI). With the new offering, called Impartner Intelligence, vendors are positioned to acquire deeper understanding of individual and overall partner performance. In an effort to help improve relationships between vendors and partners, the performance intelligence solution positions partners to leverage ROCI intelligence and, in turn, better plan and manage their performance moving forward. 

The Perks: Through Impartner Intelligence, users have the ability to manage:

  • Closure rates;
  • Lead follow up;
  • Marketing performance; and
  • Sales results.

Business planning functionality also is designed to help vendors develop, manage and measure business plans for each partner and benchmark performance. The solution integrates with Salesforce and is expected to integrate with other CRM solutions by the end of 2015.





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