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Latest Release of Impartner PRM Solution Automates Partner Segmentation, Targeted Content Distribution

Impartner LogoImpartner announced the latest release of its partner relationship management (PMR) software. The enhanced solution segments a vendor’s partners automatically and intelligently by attributes such as tier, region or type of partner.

The solution’s new asset management system enables vendors to precisely schedule the delivery of segmentation-specific content to appropriate partners.

The segmentation engine, Impartner SegmentAI, allows companies to automate the segmentation of their partner programs based on completely configurable sets of machine filters, eliminating the need for staff interaction. The feature assures that vendors can easily optimize the partner experience for any type of program by creating a personalized “front door” experience for all of them.

The new asset automation engine, Impartner SmartContent, automatically ensures the timely delivery of assets to partners based on their segmentation. A recent global study of Impartner customers shows that partners are 56% more profitable when they have the right sales enablement materials, the company said.

With Impartner SmartContent, channel teams can continually refine the workflow of any partner to make sure the system automatically provides access to needed assets and information. The engine allows content to be provided in multiple versions, and supports the archiving of older versions. Content publication and expiration dates can be scheduled to coordinate with product launches, event, or campaigns.

The user-friendly solution allows partners to preview and download content, and enables them to share assets via email or social media. Title and metadata search capabilities support easy-discover of assets. Full analytics help marketers track asset popularity and impact, as well as how often documents are shared.

POS Data Capture

Other new features of Impartner’s PRM systems include point of sale (POS) data capture and enhanced data import functionality. With POS data capture, Impartner now gives vendors the ability to load in POS data to see all channel sales whether they are registered or not.

This provides a better line of sight to total channels sales, revealing which verticals and actual markets companies are selling into as well as the actual end users. With actual POS data, vendors have the information they need to verify rebates to partners. Full line of sight to all channel sales can help vendors determine if deals were registered or not.

Impartner is also making it easier to import data with the latest release of the software. A single pass import process for related items takes time and complexity out of the process while reducing errors, the company said.