Channel Marketer Report


TIE Kinetix All-in-One Partner Automation Platform Enables Seamless Channel Marketing

Problem:  Successfully executing channel marketing initiatives can be a challenge for organizations, large or small. Not only are you relying on partners to actively market your products and generate demand, but do so in a way that represents your brand accurately. The simple truth is that most can’t, due to limited time, skills and resources. And, without the right capabilities, they are less likely to participate in channel marketing programs, making conversion of leads into sales difficult through partners.

In addition to the low levels of buy-in from partners, many organizations are lacking effective measurements and metrics into how partners are performing, which would allow for insight and improvement. All of these challenges combined are a serious threat for a company’s marketing strategy, especially for sales models that rely heavily on channel partners.

Solution: TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation is the first self-service partner automation platform. FLOW is designed to generate demand with a single integrated sales and marketing command center for a company and its partners – making it much easier for partners to participate without requiring extra time or resources.

In addition, the platform gives organizations complete brand control by automating content, campaigns and marketing tactics across partner channels. With a self-service process that is easy to use, channel partners can subscribe themselves to content, campaigns and programs.

It also facilitates lead management and improves sales conversion. The platform provided insights and analytics into channel performance to help brands know which partners are driving sales, and what’s causing potential issues like reduced lead conversions.

There are many modules within the FLOW platform for every aspect of the channel, each hosted under one of TIE Kinetix’s four main branches: Brand Control & Demand Generation, Lead & Sales Conversion, System & Supply Chain Integration and Analytics & Optimization. A few of the main modules on the marketing side include:

  • Campaign Center: These modules allow vendors to create campaigns with all types of content and tools directly through their partner’s website at a scheduled date. (e.g. banners, landing pages within showcase, email, social, partner locator, PPC)
  • Showcase Syndication: This module allows vendors to syndicate a microsite to their partners’ websites. Vendors typically syndicate rich content, highlighting products and solutions with landing pages and lead capture forms that will send leads directly to the partners.
  • Social Media Syndication: Allows vendors to publish social messages through partners’ social identities. It also lets the vendor direct the end user to relevant, syndicated content on the partners’ website via our unique deep-linking feature.
  • Google AdWords for Channel: Enables the vendor to generate qualified traffic to their partner websites through Google Pay-Per-Click advertising. All advertisements are connected to geographically relevant partners for the end user. Traffic is always directed to relevant syndicated content on the partner’s website via the deeplinking feature. This feature was developed as a strategic partnership with Google AdWords and is also delivered as extension of the Google AdWords program. This module helps combat the issue of partners often competing with other partners or even brands selling the same products or services.

Perks: FLOW creates a seamless brand and sales experience to-and-through partners, ensuring their entire independent indirect channel is a natural extension of their brand. Businesses working with partners can accelerate and optimize the entire partner-customer journey by automating sales, marketing and fulfillment processes. Results include higher revenue, faster velocity between partner processes and higher efficiency due to reduction in complexity.

Additionally, FLOW seamlessly integrates with any existing third-party system like CMS, Marketing Automation, PRM, Sales Automation, ERP and many more to further reduce costly manual work and errors.