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Enhanced Impartner PRM Solution Enables Real-Time Content Editing, Portal Adjustments

Impartner LogoImpartner, a leading supplier of partner relationship management (PRM) solutions, announced that its Spring ’18 software release now makes it possible for channel managers to edit content in real time. The release, which continues the company’s ongoing focus to provide powerful and nimble channel-management tools, also empowers channel managers to make changes to their partners’ experiences in their partner partners, without requiring IT support.

The company’s completely reengineered content management system (CMS) allows users to both add and change pages by program segment, tier, region, etc., with a simple drag and drop interface. A new intuitive interface – the Momentum Bar – expedites content changes. Other key features in the release include enhanced sales enablement and segmentation functionalities.

The company’s new CMS solution is “100 percent focused on making it easier than ever for our customers to be able to continually optimize their partners’ journey with an easy-to-use, consumerized interface,” said Impartner Senior Director of Product Management, Gary Sabin.

Streamlined Content Customization

This engineering vision is the driver behind the release’s new sales enablement functionality, the company said.  Vendors have long struggled to convert collateral layouts into formats that make it easy for partners to customize for their businesses by dropping in their own images, logos and text content.

With Impartner’s new AutoSense technology, vendors can instantly scan and detect images and text in collateral material and ready them to be customizable by partners with the click of a button, removing dependence on professional services teams.

“By instantly making any existing collateral co-brandable, we’re removing the time, budgeting and logistical challenges that in the past, have caused vendors to limit the collateral they provide,” said Sabin

The company has also made enhancements to its SegmentAI automated segmentation engine. With this release, SegmentAI features a new wizard that enables channel managers to bring their segmentation strategies to life with a few clicks. “Until now,” said Sabin, “the challenge has been the difficulty of peeling those strategies off the whiteboard and actually implementing them within their toolset.”

Self-service is also the focus of Impartner’s new configurable Single Sign On (SSO) solution. The new technology makes it easier for vendors to make the adjustments typical in today’s fast-moving technology landscape. “Without having to turn to an outside vendor, it’s now 100 percent in the vendor’s control to add and remove technologies as they come and go – making it easy for vendors to maintain SSOs for their partners to ensure they have a seamless transition from their PRM to other technology solutions,” Sabin explained.