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Allbound To Partner With Sisense To Empower Vendors With Robust Data Analytic Capabilities

Allbound, the partner relationship management (PRM) platform provider, will partner with Sisense, a provider of agile business analytics solutions, to provide greater visibility and utility of channel data. The integration of Sisense capabilities into Allbound’s PRM platform will empower users to create customized dashboards that provide deeper insights in key metrics.

In a blog announcing the partnership, Allbound said the integration of Sisense technology with its PRM platform will enable channel managers to combine CRM data with partner engagement insights to allow for a more refined correlation of data. Additionally, Allbound will utilize narratives to help channel teams analyze data and communicate its meaning. The narratives will have machine-learning insights that identify data anomalies and trigger alerts to team members.

Allbound noted that the Sisense integration will enable better visibility into a broad range of channel activities. Channel managers will gain deeper insights into overall marketing activities and specific materials, pipeline development, areas of opportunity, and sales performance.

Allbound said that Sisense technology will be available on its PRM platform this later this year.



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