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Forrester Provides Overview Of Channel Incentive Solution Providers; Selection Process Recommendations

In a Forrester report published earlier this year, Jay McBain, principal analyst – channel, partnerships & alliances, reminded channel leaders of the significant benefits that well-planned incentive programs supported with modern incentive management solutions can deliver.

Firms that successfully deploy the right mix, level, and cadence of incentives can:

  • Improve revenue and profit generated by their channel ecosystem;
  • Expand the depth and breath of customer relationship; and
  • Increase mindshare of loyalty of partners

But it’s important to select an incentive management solution that offers the right combination of size, channel breadth, geography and language breadth, vertical expertise, agent skill and training, and technology sophistication to match what each partner program demands.

The report, Now Tech: Channel Incentives And Program Management, Q1 2019, looks at 21 different incentive solutions providers, grouping them by market presence (total revenue) and into three classes of functionality:

  • Point solutions
  • Horizontal channel software tools
  • Hybrid B2B and B2C incentives tools

To ensure a vendor’s incentives program and technology investments meet the needs of its channel partner ecosystem, Forrester recommends that B2B marketers:

  • Analyze their current partner program and determine gaps
  • Add channel incentives to ideal partner personas
  • Conduct an inventory of existing technologies
  • Select a vendor that aligns with programs’ requirements

360insights, which is listed as a provider of horizontal channel software tools, is making available copies of the full report. “Being recognized by Forrester among channel incentive and program management providers is rewarding for our entire 360insights team as we continue to build best-in-breed solutions for our customers,” said Jason Atkins, founder and CEO.

Download the report to learn more.