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AVANT Launches Market Research Initiative To Boost Partners’ Role As Trusted Advisor

AVANT Communications, a distributor for next- generation technology, has launched a market research initiative to help its partners and business customers better understand industry trends around emerging new technologies in cloud, colocation, connectivity, SD-WAN, security, UCaaS and more.

AVANT will analyze real-world insights from thousands of annual IT business purchasing decisions and conduct primary research to deliver regular reports on the state of disruption in the industry in the form of studies, papers, blogs, podcasts and briefings.

The new program, called AVANT Analytics, is a new dimension of the company’s IT decision-making platform, said Ian Kieninger, CEO, AVANT. “In keeping with our mission to facilitate digital transformation, this initiative will be an indispensable resource to trusted advisors who need to make critical recommendations and decisions on behalf of their customers, who must stay current to effectively navigate today’s technology transitions or risk being left behind.”

This new initiative will be led by Ken Presti, a veteran industry analyst previously associated with IDC, his own agency, and other prominent channel consultancies. Presti specializes in combining empirical data, his own experience, and the perspectives of industry leaders to fully illustrates technology trends, business model evolution, likely outcomes, and strategies for success.

Partners will have a unique opportunity to team up with in-house analysts and propel their businesses using AVANT’s marketing and communications expertise. Meanwhile, enterprise customers can look to these resources as a single source of truth on how to fully leverage technology to the benefit of their companies.

“As the leading platform for IT decision-making, we’re utilizing both traditional and new kinds of data, including near real-time data from actual IT business decisions as they happen, to provide valuable insights to our partners and customers. AVANT Analytics places a laser-focus on the ‘trusted advisor’ movement and fuels it in a way that’s never been done before,” said Presti. “We’re investing in a degree of market intelligence that supplements trusted advisors’ research and enables customers to make powerful decisions about disruptors shaping the market right now.”

“Change is the only constant in today’s IT landscape, and that rate of change is accelerating,” said Drew Lydecker, President and Co-Founder, AVANT. “Companies we’ve never heard of are challenging the giants in this industry, leaving enterprise customers no choice but to adapt if they hope to survive. Trusted advisors are in a prime position to help IT leaders navigate the confusion and equip them with insights to make smarter purchasing decisions. That’s where AVANT Analytics comes in.”