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Webinfinity Offers Engagement Automation Engine To Optimize Partner Portals

Webinfinity has launched its Engagement Automation Engine, a purpose-built solution to drive faster time-to-engagement with partner portals at less cost than traditional business models.

Specifically designed to automate and drive user engagement, the engine’s engagement intelligence, dynamic curation capabilities, and rules-driven personalization combine to quickly configure on-demand experiences for any type of user, in any role, working in any language, or geographic region with no coding.

In-application analytics provide insight into potential engagement gaps that may need to be addressed. The engine’s workflow capabilities enable user-friendly tracking and reporting of transactional actions across a sales motion, new user onboarding progress, or customer, partner and employee support flows, all from a unified portal interface.

“Traditionally, business portals lack the intelligent personalization across ecosystems of content, applications and relationships required for a partner, customer or employee to easily accomplish their desired tasks,” commented James Hodgkinson, Webinfinity CEO, in a press release.  “Webinfinity engagement automation combines significant user and content intelligence connected across a variety of content repositories and best-of-breed applications, delivering a truly personalized and frictionless experience to any type of user, job function, or organizational relationship.”

Because experiences, personas and preferences change over time, having the ability to continuously curate content, external systems, and tools to create a desired user outcome is paramount, noted Webinfinity. The Webinfinity Engagement Automation Engine simplifies constant experience curation for non-technical users. Connectors to external systems are designed to unify the experience across application, content and relationship ecosystems.

The flexibility of the engine and its configuration and rules-based processes provide the ability to easily create new portals to serve additional user segments.

A SaaS-based application, the engine’s codeless approach and the company’s partner portal blueprint delivery program are designed to speed time to engagement. The company plans to develop additional delivery blueprints for other portal use cases.

Webinfinity was identified as a representative vendor in the 2019 Gartner, Market Guide for Partner Relationship Management Applications as a vendor that delivers partner ecosystem platforms.