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Digital Transformation Platform Provider Q2E Awarded Gamification Patent

Q2E, provider of a cloud-based digital transformation platform, has been awarded a second U.S. Patent in the area of gamification. The patent covers expanded features, including the ability to pull data from third-party applications such as CRM, engineering, sales and operations which can then be used in accumulating and calculating points.

Managers and administrators can award points based on real-time, meaningful data. The Q2E platform also includes leaderboard capabilities that are automated and customizable, and an administration algorithm that enables managers to change criteria as conditions change.

Mahesh Rao, Founder, Q2E

This new patent is especially timely as companies are grappling with how to quickly make their digital transformation journeys to the new digital normal, the company said. “Digital transformation has been slow to permeate many businesses because it has been driven by leaders as a top-down strategy,” said Q2E (Quest to Excel) founder Mahesh Rao. “But real transformation only happens when everyone in the organization is engaged and invested, and gamification is an ideal way to do that.”

Gamification engages both the intellect and emotions and motivates people through rewards and recognition. It is especially effective with remote teams, which is, of course, top of mind for millions of businesses today, said Rao.

“At the heart of gamification is being able to capture mind share. So you’re talking about the hearts and minds of these people. How do you hook them in? But once you’re in, it’s keeping them engaged,” Rao explained to CMR. “So it’s not like complete the task, go sell this and come back. But it’s the incremental steps between you educating them and them actually internalizing it, analyzing it, and then going and selling it.”

The Q2E platform is role based, enabling channel managers to target different functions within a partner organization. “We all have a tendency to see the entire partner company as one entity,” said Rao. “But in fact, there are roles within even the channel partner. If you can imagine marketing people, sales people, we can gamify every role. We’re getting down to actually individual components or individual roles within a partner because only if they orchestrate and work together will your product be sold efficiently.”

Gamified Business Planning

One area that Rao said that channel leaders are supporting with gamification technology is business planning processes. “What most vendors want to get to at the beginning of the year is to have a joint planning where they decide on what they want to achieve every quarter for that fiscal year. And then they keep meeting on a monthly basis.”

To ensure that both vendor and partner remain aligned with the business plan, the Q2E platform is designed to identify deviations and initiate gamification tactics to motivate activities. “What we are bringing to the table is not only a very flexible way of standing up a joint business planning process, but then methodically having that discipline to do everything the right way at the right time so both sides benefit from it.”

“We can absolutely encourage them to not only do the right thing, but it can also help them be more disciplined. It can help them be more efficient,” Rao said.