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Crossbeam Offers Free Access To Account-Mapping Platform

Crossbeam, a provider of a collaborative data platform that enables vendors and their partners to determine overlapping accounts, has introduced a “free tier” offering that allows companies at no charge to use of its platform including access to thousands of overlapping data points with their partners.

Crossbeam also announced that Redpoint Ventures has led a $25 Million Series B investment into the company.

The free tier offer allows use of the platform’s most popular features including full integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack, plus detailed account mapping and reporting workflows, custom notifications, and threads. There are no restrictions on the number of users or partners.

Upgraded tiers continue to exist for companies requiring larger numbers of overlaps and enterprise functionality such as advanced security features, SSO, custom integrations, or special legal terms. The free tier will benefit these paid customers as well, lowering the friction of getting their entire partner ecosystems onboard and realizing value without worrying about cost.

Crossbeam, which was launched in January 2019, has seen its network grow to more than 900 companies. These businesses, ranging from small agencies to large tech brands, use Crossbeam to power intercompany collaboration through account mapping exercises that connect and align sales reps and sales motions across partner companies

Channel pipeline mapping eliminates conflict with resellers and system integrators and identifies joint customers to find the highest-value integrations and recruit the most valuable technology partners.

The Crossbeam platform reduces risk by streamlining partner workflows, eliminating insecure communication channels, and ending practices that require over-sharing. It introduces automation that allows these new motions to exist at scale, both in Crossbeam and in third-party platforms powered by the company’s data.

The platform supports attribution and measurement of partner-influenced revenue. It enables visualizing and exploring partner ecosystems with Partnerbase, Crossbeam’s public data set of partner ecosystems.

Receives $25 Million Series B Investment

With its $25 Million Series B investment into Crossbeam, Redpoint Partner Logan Bartlett will be joining the company’s Board of Directors.

“These new funds and relationships will allow Crossbeam to take a long-term mindset that puts our network of users — and the value we create for them — above all else,” Bob Moore, the company’s co-founder and CEO, wrote in a blog. “We will spend the next several years building and delivering a category-defining product that changes the way companies collaborate with each other.”