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Pro-Vigil Launches Portal-Supported Partner Program To Boost Commercial Dealer Sales

Pro-Vigil, a provider of remote video monitoring and crime deterrence solutions, has launched a new partner program to enable organizations such as commercial security dealers to leverage the company’s remote video monitoring service to grow their businesses with recurring monthly revenue.

John Perales, National Director, Channel Sales, Pro-Vigil.

The program also helps partners build stronger customer relationships, develop long-term contracts, and diversify their service portfolio to maintain a competitive edge in the fast-growing remote video monitoring market.

The program offers partners two avenues to generate revenue. The first is a referral option, which is best suited for partners looking to receive compensation for submitting qualified opportunities to Pro-Vigil. The second option is for resellers that want to incorporate Pro-Vigil’s remote video monitoring service into their existing solutions portfolio to replace point-in-time sales of camera installations with a service-generated recurring revenue model.

As part of the reseller option, dedicated Pro-Vigil channel territory managers will assist partners throughout the buying journey, working with them to:

  • Consult — Evaluate the existing customer base and identify candidates for remote video monitoring services;
  • Market — Design custom-branded marketing materials, and build and execute campaigns focused on securing leads;
  • Enable — Access technical information to provide confidence in positioning remote video monitoring;
  • Present — Support sales with marketing campaign presentations;
  • Install — Assist with site design and installation of Pro-Vigil’s plug-and-play service hub; and
  • Maintain — Automate video health monitoring of customer sites.

To support its partners at scale, Pro-Vigil has launched an automated web portal. Built on the Impartner platform, the portal enables resellers to quickly and easily register and track deals, create custom-branded marketing materials, and access various training materials, such as installation information guides.

Pro-Vigil also offers an asset library within the portal, which includes a variety of sales and marketing tools designed to help partners customize their sales approach. “We wanted to provide a repository for our partners, to be able to quickly go in, gather information, educate themselves, and then be able to use those resources to go out to the market, to develop their own campaigns and their own talk tracks,” said John Perales, National Director, Channel Sales at Pro-Vigil.

The company currently invites partners to leverage channel territory managers as subject matter expert on remote video monitoring. Perales explained that hearing channel territory managers review the services with customers expedites the partner’s ability to position the company’s offering in a compelling way.

“We also have enablement lessons where they’re able to learn how to position remote video monitoring,” said Perales.

Pro-Vigil has plans to enhance the portal with a marketing module that will boost the ability for its partners to push marketing resources out to their customers. “Because many of our dealers have been in business for some time within their regions and are well known, they haven’t really invested in more proactive marketing,” said Perales.  “We’re hoping to give them tools to utilize through our portal and go out to the market and target new customers, as well as their existing customer base.”

Pro-Vigil will also be upgrading its portal with a business planning module. Perales said the company is eager to engage all of its partners, but specifically our premier and some preferred partners, on go-to-market planning “and on how we’re going to go out to how we’re going to find success. We do that today based on some legacy tools but we want to be able to put it in the portal so that it’s more visible so we can work together on plans.”

“We’re seeing great success, we’re seeing great adoption,” he said. “The feedback we’re getting from our partners is positive in terms of what they are looking for. And we’re really excited about being able to grow this.”