Spark Your Channel Now Automates Partner Personalization Of Multiple Vendor Videos, Multimedia Assets

Spark Your Channel, a demand generation company, has released of a new feature that will automatically attach partner-created intros and outros to vendor supplied videos. When launched earlier this year, the platform enabled partners to easily amend individual multimedia assets with introductions and closing messages to ensure that the marketing assets are always associated with the content.

The new feature automatically attaches the partner-created messages to all appropriate assets as the vendors publish them on the Spark platform. The content is then delivered at the partners’ preferred cadence and can then be instantly shared via all applicable communication channels.

Heather K. Margolis, Founder, Spark Your Channel

“After talking to partners about what they want, our goal has always been to make Spark Your Channel more about the personalized content partners can use wherever they want including marketing automation, CRMs, social posts, sales sequences, and individual emails”, said Spark founder Heather K. Margolis.

“Since launching in February, all of our worlds have changed making video more important than ever,” she said. “For the partners that don’t have marketing or the bandwidth to customize an entire campaign or to create a video each and every time they send a message, we’re using their video intro and outro on all relevant content. Basically with 30 minutes of their time and Spark’s unique automation capabilities they can personalize hundreds or even thousands of pieces of content.”

Partners will continue to use their own marketing automation tools to share assets customized and stored in Spark. Not only does this eliminate the need to share their contact lists, Margolis stressed that this enables partners to remain compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and legacy CAN-SPAM regulations.

The Sparks platform does provide vendors with a comprehensive view of which partners are sharing the assets and how many times each has been viewed. This gives vendors a much better understand of how their marketing materials are performing, said Margolis when the platform was originally launched.