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Cyberpion Enables Partners To Advise Clients Of Vulnerabilities, Recommend Remedies

Cyberpion, a cybersecurity firm specializing in discovering and protecting online ecosystems, is offering partners a strategy of identifying and presenting vulnerabilities of clients and potential customers. Leveraging the company’s platform, partners can easily and proactively identify vulnerabilities in customers’ hyperconnected IT infrastructures before they are exploited by attackers.

In addition, the platform enables partner to provide continuous ecosystem security risk assessment and timely alerts as part of their current practice. The new capabilities, said the company, fosters close collaboration with partners enabling them to realize significant and profitable subscription and services revenue.

Cyberpion systematically tracks, analyzes, and maintains this vast inventory of known and unknown assets, their connections, and their risk level within the organization’s far-reaching online ecosystem, continuously identifying and neutralizing vulnerabilities before attackers reach them. The Ecosystem Risk Discovery Program offers partners a non-intrusive approach to identify and attract potential customers, using a step-by-step process to create tailored remediation and ongoing continuous protection plans that includes technical and sales support throughout their engagement.

The program is designed to help partners have meaningful conversations with clients and give potential customers unique insights into how to secure their IT infrastructure with a tailored solution.

During the initial build out of the program, Cyberpion is working hand-in-hand with partner organizations helping them clearly understand the data being provided and the benefits it provides for them and their customers. Reports provide customers with pre-emptive awareness of vulnerabilities they may not be aware of. For partners, the reports allow them to prioritize and engage with customers that have issues that require immediate attention. “In this win-win scenario,” said Cyberpion, “the relationship between the customer and the partner will only grow stronger.”