Channel Marketer Report


Consensus Launches Channel-Focused Digital Demo Experience Solution

Consensus, a digital presales platform vendor, has launched a new solution that extends the power of its digital demo experiences to onboard partners, assign content, and analyze results to more consistently drive channel sales.

Consensus users traditionally use the digital presales platform to create and share customized assets to discover stakeholders, educate prospects, and scale their sales engineer function. The Consensus Channel Accelerator takes that same methodology and applies it to channel partners by allowing companies to create and assign resellers to groups inside the platform to use in sales and marketing situations.

The resellers can customize elements of the assets without changing the messaging or positioning of the product or service. Reseller activities and results are tracked within the platform and enable companies to measure the overall effectiveness of demos as well as insights into sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

“Working with resellers is a great business strategy, but companies often struggle with partner enablement, brand consistency, and channel optimization,” said Brian Zurcher, Head of Product at Consensus. “The ability to assign demos and other content to distributors and reseller groups not only helps companies keep their messaging consistent, but gives them a measurable way to identify their top partners and make channel revenue more predictable.”