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Impartner Adds Business Planning Tool To PRM Solution

Impartner, a SaaS-based channel management and partner relationship management (PRM) technology provider, has added a business planning tool to its solution. Impartner Business Planning supports increased collaboration, transparency, and automation to help companies create business plans with all segments of partners.

Integrating with most CRM systems, Impartner Business Planning allows channel managers to drag and drop pre-built metrics using standard objectives or build their own based on the partners’ business. They can also establish two-way communication of these metrics with message threads, templated plans for different levels of partners and automated instructions.

The tool provides easy access to current performance measures and attainment status, helping to motivate and manage partners while enhancing the overall partner experience. The system displays progress updates and tracks the history of business plan details. It extends the value of Impartner’s Journey Builder, Program Compliance Manager and MDF applications by tracking and displaying the progress of journeys, tier badges and percent of MDF funds used.

Impartner Business Planning allows companies to deepen relationships and effectiveness of the top-performing partners, but it also engages the smallest, lower-tier partners. With new partners, channel chiefs can automatically track metrics like lead distribution, deal conversion and revenue targets and set goals for channel certification completion.

Business Planning is available in Impartner PRM for all customers now.