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ContentMX Adds Lead Distribution, Co-Selling Capabilities To PartnerOn Platform

ContentMX, a company that serves ecosystems of partners and vendors by providing a regular weekly flow of lead generating content and training materials, has added lead distribution and co-selling to PartnerOn, its integrated partner marketing and engagement ecosystem.

Qualified partner companies receive PartnerOn services for no cost, including a wide range of new content sponsored by leading vendors and OEMs every week. This includes lead generating content such as gated ebooks and whitepapers. Social media actions such as likes, shares, and comments are also highlighted every week for partners to turn into opportunities.

“A tight loop between content marketing, lead generation, and sales processes is the key to unlocking new business in this new landscape,” said Jeff Mesnik, President and Founder of ContentMX. “Our approach is uniquely able to develop partner behaviors and enforce best practices in using marketing and sales efforts to yield better sales results.”

With the new lead distribution and co-selling capabilities, partners will have the tools to better connect their marketing and sales efforts. Through a bi-directional lead flow, partners and vendors can work together to market and sell their services. Vendors can provide leads to partners in flexible ways, yet remain in control.

Leads can be distributed to specific partners equally, on a first come first serve basis, or through distribution rules. Partners can collect leads from their own marketing efforts and pass them to vendors to take advantage of co-selling programs.

The new ContentMX lead distribution and co-sell solution is available for any vendor who streams content into one of the ContentMX content marketplaces, including TD SYNNEX DemandSolv, Arrow Curated Content, and the PartnerOn Public Marketplace. Among the vendors using these tool are AWS, Cisco, Citrix, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Red Hat and VMware.