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Purechannelapps CEO Dissects The Partner Engagement Dilemma

New communication touch points and tactics are emerging on a daily basis, but one hard fact remains: It is becoming increasingly challenging for vendors to stand out and effectively engage with partners. Although capturing partner attention and engendering long-term loyalty is a consistent dilemma, why hasn’t more movement been made? More importantly, what best practices […]

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Purechannelapps Expands Operations To The U.S.

More channel organizations are weighing the benefits of social sharing and engagement for demand lead generation. Following the launch of purechannelapps in June 2011, and a successful partnership with Acronis, a disaster recovery and data protection solution provider, the company has opened U.S. offices in Austin, Texas. The expansion of purechannelapps will help the organization […]

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Acronis Offers socialondemand To Global Channel Partners

Acronis, a provider of disaster recovery solutions, recently announced the worldwide rollout of social syndication tool, socialondemand, to select partners worldwide. Following a successful trial of socialondemand during October 2011, Acronis has white-labelled the patent-pending social media offering as its own, under the AcronisGoSocial brand name. AcronisGoSocial will be used to share and distribute targeted […]

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socialondemand Boosts Content Life, Vendor Awareness

The Problem: SiriusDecisions, among other research analysts, have determined that due to the powers of Internet search, BtoB buyers are moving through up to 70% of the buying cycle before interacting with sales teams. Social media particularly can present a promise of increased lead generation, content life and partnerships due to instant information and communication. […]

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