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Acronis Offers socialondemand To Global Channel Partners

Acronis, a provider of disaster recovery solutions, recently announced the worldwide rollout of social syndication tool, socialondemand, to select partners worldwide. Following a successful trial of socialondemand during October 2011, Acronis has white-labelled the patent-pending social media offering as its own, under the AcronisGoSocial brand name.

AcronisGoSocial will be used to share and distribute targeted social media content to segmented end-users via a network of 300 selected partners in the Australia, Germany, the U.K. and U.S.  By tapping into socialondemand, Acronis executives are hoping to build strong brand awareness, PR presence and reputation, and further education and decision-making among end-users.

“We want to enable our partners to be more active in social media,” said Celine Astre, Global Senior Partner Program Manager of Acronis, in a press statement. “This is why we are now rolling out the platform globally and look forward to the further deployment of the platform within Acronis as part of our Global Partner Program. We view the tool as a real unique selling point for partners and we hope it will help us recruit more channel partners in the disaster recovery and virtualization market.”

Since the initial trial, more than 20 Acronis partners and distributors have actively joined the program in the U.K., providing Acronis with indirect access to 3,500-plus connections via their channel’s collective 40 social media accounts. Acronis has published 33 individual posts via AcronisGoSocial, which were reposted 345 times by their partners, to a social audience of more than 25,000 connections. To date, these posts have generated more than 5,000 clicks or downloads, as well as 1,500 Re-Tweets.

 “Socialondemand has enabled us to amplify our social media messages to a significantly greater audience through our partners and internal sales staff, generating increased web traffic, follower interaction and brand awareness,” Astre reported.   

Through adoption, Acronis partners will be able to develop stronger social relationships with current customers, as well as prospects. Rather than tapping into marketing strategies, such as email and direct mail, which don’t provide as many opportunities for personalization, socialondemand is designed to create a more relevant brand experience. This strategy not only creates compelling and relevant marketing content, but also allows partners and distributors to stand out in a crowded channel more effectively.

“In the highly competitive field of disaster recovery solutions, vendors need to find distinct ways to differentiate the manner in which they add value in the channel,” said Olivier Choron, CEO and Founder of purechannelapps. “Socialondemand not only achieves this, [but] also enables Acronis to close the loop on its sales cycle and permeate the decision making process via its partners.”



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