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Merchant Warehouse Focuses On Building, Nurturing Partner Relationships

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Merchant Warehouse
, a payment technology and merchant account services company, has hired Russell Harty as its SVP for key accounts and the partner channel.

In his new position, Harty will focus on partner channel growth through acquiring new partners as well as enabling and empowering current partners, according to company officials.

Currently, Merchant Warehouse is “making sure we’re focused on the right things for our business,” Harty said in an interview with Channel Marketer Report. The successful launch of its Genius Customer Engagement Platform, coupled with consistent presence at key retail industry trade shows such as RetailNOW, has helped Merchant Warehouse establish the brand as a thought leader and innovator in the space.

“Our internal team as well as our partners are very excited about the Genius platform, and specifically we saw tremendous success at RetailNOW,” Harty said. “We had some partner sign-ups and just overall saw a lot of excitement within the marketplace.”

 Harty will be addressing this ongoing demand by evaluating and adding new partners, as well as expanding the footprint of all Merchant Warehouse solutions among partners, VARs and key accounts. 

The current retail landscape is in a state of flux , Harty noted. As a result, “retailers need to be led,” which is making Merchant Warehouse focus equally on partner and end-user education.

“We’re working with our partners, VARs and dealers because they’re equally important to making the ecosystem work,” Harty said. “We want to make sure they have the right solutions and we want to make sure we can educate partners so they can drive business.”

Currently, Merchant Warehouse offers a variety of resources and content on its web site. However, in the near future, Harty noted that the company is looking to develop tools that are tailored to specific partners.

“Retailers have a lot to absorb in regards to changes in the payment space,” Harty noted. “We need to show thought leadership and provide both retailers and our partners with the best ways they can tackle these new developments.”



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