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Partnerpedia Offers Platform To Build Partner Ecosystems, Drive SaaS Growth

The Problem:
More organizations are noting the benefits of making enterprise applications, data and resources available in the cloud. In fact, recent research from CompTIA indicated that 63% of IT organizations are focusing on establishing cloud-based delivery models within the next year. However, once organizations make apps and cloud-based services available to end-users, how can vendors and their partners boost awareness and ensure they’re being used?

The Solution:
Enterprise application stores and marketplace solution providers, such as Partnerpedia, leverage the power of mobility and cloud computing to help organizations maximize the value of their offerings. By tapping into mobility and IT management solutions, the platform allows vendors to offer mobile, SaaS and/or cloud-based services to customers. Additionally, vendors and OEMs can create a network of value added ISVs and partners through the site and in turn, maximize channel revenue by offering seamless access to solutions.

The Perks: Partnerpedia’s Enterprise Marketplace was designed to provide a customizable and turnkey solution to offer end-users a destination to search, inquire and purchase complete products and solutions. Key features for customers include ratings/reviews, as well as online transaction processing and fulfillment. The platform allows vendors and their partners to distribute and track leads, work jointly on deals and pinpoint sales metrics and other reporting.

The AppZone was developed to offer a cohesive enterprise app store, mobile app management and a curated marketplace to allow corporate IT to control the publishing, distribution and management of apps to end-users more effectively. Through the solution, vendors and OEMs can ensure the save delivery of apps via device profiles and device level security. As a result, the AppZone distributes apps based on policies, user permissions and roles. Role based access control at the user and group levels, ensuring that users can only view the apps they have been assigned.




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