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Pinnacle Technologies Helps Drive mPOS Success For The Tram At Hanuama Bay

Mobile POS (mPOS) is making headway across retail, hospitality and restaurant organizations. While countless merchants are recognizing the benefits of utilizing tablets and smartphones to engage with shoppers and complete transactions, there also is great potential for tourist and travel organizations.

For example, the Tram at Hanuama Bay was seeking a more efficient way for customers to purchase tickets. Since implementing solutions from Digital Dining POS and Epson, as well as iPod Touch devices, the company has increased tram revenues by 30%, improved speed of customer checkout and maximized line-busting strategies.
Pinnacle Technologies, a registered dealer of Digital Dining software and reseller of Epson products, played a vital role in the implementation, providing all technology except for the iPod Touch devices. “We completed all Epson and Digital Dining equipment programming and installation on-site,” Scott Lamb, Systems Consultant for Pinnacle Technologies, told Channel Marketer Report. “We also conducted an on-site training program when we complete the system installation. However, we still have ongoing remote training for the end-user as needed.” Overall, installation and training processes were complete in four days, he reported.

Tram employees utilize Digital Dining software, as well as Epson Mobilink TM-P60 belt clip printers and Apple iPod Touch devices to enable its mPOS strategy. To ensure optimal usage, Pinnacle Technologies continues to conduct support remotely, Lamb added.

Pinnacle Technologies also provides end-users with instant access to educational content and tutorials, which are built into the Digital Dining platform. This ensures “that users can find answers to questions at any time,” Lamb noted. “We also try to communicate the many features of Digital Dining that our customers may not know about through our ongoing monthly newsletter.”

With approximately 60% of all tourists utilizing the tram to travel up and down the steep road, it was imperative for workers to ensure quick and seamless customer service. However, before Wasatch Transportation adopted the mPOS solutions for the tram, employees had to use a bicycle horn and short travel prices to tourists. Workers also couldn’t accept credit cards. 

Armed with iPod Touch devices and Epson mobile printers, tram service workers can accept multiple forms of payment easily and print receipts instantly wherever a transaction takes place. Additionally, Digital Dining software is completely PCI-Compliant so servers are locked up at all times.

“The City of Honolulu required a credit card solution and a way to print each customer a receipt,” said Ryan Fuller, President of Wasatch Transportation, the company contracted by the City of Honolulu to find the right solution for The Tram at Hanauma Bay, in a press release. “This is a challenge when you’re at the top of a crater on the edge of the sea. The Digital Dining team came out and installed this solution quickly and painlessly. They even went the extra mile to hide access points in palm trees so that tourists can experience the beauty of Hanauma Bay without seeing the backend technology. The city’s required daily sales reports are sent directly to them via the Digital Dining software and the Epson mobile printers work great. We were up and running smoothly within four days. It’s the perfect mobile solution for the tram service.”



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