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Exploring New Technologies in PRM

Within the last 12 months, a host of new technologies have emerged, all developed to better support partner networks. Because partners are essential to a manufacturer’s success, it is more important than ever for organizations to track and manage reseller sales and marketing progress efficiently.

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) allows manufacturers to maximize the overall management and enablement of partner networks. Optimal solutions also allow organizations to improve communication and collaboration with resellers.

Register for this webinar to learn four areas where PRM has seen significant advancements:

  1. Partner marketplaces;
  2. Partner training and certification;
  3. Integrations with major CRM systems; and
  4. Partner marketing enablement.

Additionally, receive in-depth insights on how to harness these solutions for improved sales and marketing results.


  • Erich Flynn, CEO, TreeHouse Interactive
  • Alicia Fiorletta, Managing Editor, Channel Markter Report



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