Balihoo Brings Localization To The Forefront

The Problem:
Manufacturers and vendors rely on partners to help them achieve national and global sales goals by increasing brand awareness on a more local level. Because buyers today are seeking more relevant content and solutions based on their unique wants and needs, it is imperative that vendors provide the best resources to partners relevant to specific buyer segments and geographic areas. Reaffirming this point, a 2010 study from Google revealed that 20% of all online searches and 33% of all searches via mobile web have local intent. However, many organizations are struggling to create compelling marketing resources and sales collateral that is relevant to specific geographic areas.

The Solution: Balihoo offers a variety of solutions and services that allow manufacturers to empower partners with locally relevant marketing strategies. The CORE Digital solution gives national brands the ability to turn partners and resellers into more efficient marketers. Featuring a localized web site with SEO-enabled content, local search setup, online advertising, and triggered email, Balihoo equips resellers with the resources to ensure optimal sales and marketing results. Moreover, with in-depth reporting and analytics, organizations can hone in on reseller marketing results, pinpoint new and emerging sales opportunities, identify in-market trends and adjust co-op marketing campaign efforts as needed.

The Perks: Local marketing automation creates a more relevant experience for end-users and prospects. My honing in on the individual pain points specific organizations, organizations will be able to help their partners create more long-term relationships with end-users, and boost lead generation efforts. Additionally, Balihoo enables national brands to better control and execute localized marketing campaigns, therefore ensuring more efficient co-op fund usage. 



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