Elateral Helps Keep Branding Consistent Across The Channel

The Problem:
More organizations are creating thought leadership content via E-books, white papers, infographics and webinars, among other mediums. With content marketing becoming a must-have for B2B organizations, vendors are striving to ensure partners have seamless access to marketing collateral at all times. However, efficient asset sharing and customization remains a leading struggle for most organizations.

 The Solution: The Elateral Marketing Services Cloud (MSC) was designed to be a secure and flexible platform for large enterprises to manage their branding strategies and assets. The core of the MSC technology is enterprise-grade hosting, which helps ensure assets are available at all times for organizations and partners. Organizations can integrate Elateral MSC with existing portals to allow single sign-on. In addition, the platform can draw on assets stored in existing content management systems and publish them into campaigns syndicated and managed by Elateral. Advertising management systems, PRM and CRM, and lead management platforms also can integrate with Elateral MSC.

High-tech organizations operating in the channel that leverage Elateral MSC can combine brand assets and campaigns into templates for partners to customize, produce and deploy. These capabilities lead to more compelling and brand-efficient localized marketing assets, and optimal multi-touch campaigns-in-a-box.

The Perks: Solutions from Elateral MSC fall into groups, depending on the needs of different industries. The solutions powered by Elateral MSC include Brand Hub, Marketing Hub, Design Hub and Campaign Hub. Elateral also provides consulting and implementation services, template development, asset management and technical aid, as well as other offerings.



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