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Vidyard Helps Turn Video Content Into Sales

The Problem:
After producing video content, marketers typically share it through social channels, and look to YouTube views as a vague indicator of success or failure. But without any real insight into your video’s performance this is not a sustainable, data-driven marketing strategy. How do you know your video is working to attract qualified leads or drive sales? Because of the increasing demand for video to meet customer expectations, it’s critical that modern marketers are able to create and manage compelling content that engages viewers, and justify their spend on video with observable ROI.

The Solution: Using the video marketing platform from Vidyard, marketers can finally open the black box of video marketing to discover real-time viewer behavior data, detailed analytics, and video customization features to optimize and measure video performance. With insight extending beyond how many are watching videos, marketers can now attach identity to viewership and reveal who is watching what types of content, and for how long.

This data, including customer’s viewing history and attention span, allows marketers to schedule detailed follow up with leads and enable sales teams with valuable context for calls to prospects. For example, if someone notices that a lead has watched three videos about a product or solution in their entirety, they’ll be able to send more relevant content and speak to their specific interests and pain points.

Moreover, video analytics and A/B split testing allow marketers to adopt a strategy of continual content improvement; they can amplify what’s working in your video strategy and modify what isn’t. If their video analytics show, for instance, that viewers drop off after 10 seconds, or that the splash screen isn’t encouraging a lot of clicks, they can adjust  content to maintain engagement. Instead of guessing as to what’s working, users have highly tailored analytics that can turn to for improving campaign performance.

Through an intuitive dashboard, Vidyard users can manage their entire video library easily and make use of various customization techniques to drive leads through the sales funnel. Including email gates and custom calls to action, you can capture leads directly through your video marketing content. Moreover, personalized, branded players embedded within your website ensure that you’re making the most of your video marketing investment, you aren’t running the risk of losing your viewers to “suggested, related content on YouTube, and you’re maintaining a consistent brand experience  —  all from one place.

The Perks: Vidyard integrates with leading marketing automation systems like Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot, as well as HootSuite, the world’s largest social platform. These integrations with marketing automation allow marketers to pump all viewer engagement data directly into existing contact records to learn more details about  target markets, which videos they watch, and what content is of particular interest. This is all information organizations can use to score leads and follow up with customized lead nurture campaigns. Moreover, the Vidyard App for HootSuite serves as a social marketer’s dream as it allows you to manage your video library directly from the HootSuite dashboard and include video content effortlessly into your social posts.




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