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MyBuys Integrates Into Magento E-Commerce Platform

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MyBuys, a provider of customer-centric marketing solutions for retailers, e-Commerce sites, brands and agencies, announced that its customer-centric marketing suite now seamlessly integrates with Magento e-Commerce to help personalize display advertising, email, and web merchandising.

The combination of MyBuys and Magento will provide businesses the opportunity to grow their business and increase revenue and margins. MyBuys and the new MyBuys Personalization Extension are available to more than 200,000 businesses using Magento.

“Most companies can’t afford to invest in the powerful customer-centric marketing techniques that Amazon has been using to create their massive competitive advantage. MyBuys has already made it possible for hundreds of retailers to identify and remember consumers and then to instantly personalize every interaction with them,” said Robert Cell, president and CEO at MyBuys, in a statement. “Companies that are already using or plan to use Magento can quickly generate up to 25% higher sales with MyBuys – we have invested heavily to make it ridiculously fast, easy and low risk to get started.”

Businesses and organizations that use MyBuys and Magento will be able to conduct coordinated, personalized conversations with consumers across devices and across channels. Any consumer communication through display advertising, email, and on web sites will be connected to increased engagement in all messages and offers

Other MyBuys partners recently announced include Blue Acorn, Corra, Demac Media, Eyemagine, Gorilla Group, Grand River, Guidance, Human Element, Indaba Group, Lyons and One Pica. 



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