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BMC Launch Control-M For Hadoop, MyIT To Increase Mobile Use

BMC Software, a provider of IT automation and integration solutions, has announced the availability of BMC Control-M for Hadoop, a new Big Data management solution that aims to significantly reduce the batch-processing time of extremely large data sets. The solution will lead to improved data handling and analysis, helping businesses save time and money in the process.

“You’re automating all of the error checking with standardized templates so you can accelerate all of your work efforts in a streamlined fashion,” said Brian Marvin, VP of Worldwide Channels at BMC, in an interview with Channel Marketer Report. “It takes Big Data and lets you crunch it into a very concise and controlled environment.”

MetaScale, a unit of Sears Holdings, has been able to collect, manage, process and analyze the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data it generates more efficiently since moving to the Hadoop platform. MetaScale has been successful in unlocking the potential of data in ways that previously eluded the enterprises they service. The use of Control-M has led to a 90% decrease in batch-processing time, saving them several million dollars.

“BMC Control-M provides MetaScale with a control point that allows us to integrate all those big spokes to our hub which is big data,” said Scott LaCosse, Technical Operations Leader at MetaScale, in a statement. “By processing and analyzing large data on Hadoop, we are able to quickly react to changing market conditions and better serve our members through improved competitive pricing and new product launches. And by performing intensive calculations on very large and complex data sets very quickly using Hadoop, we can now reliably meet our production schedule and largely eliminate use of traditional ETL tools.”

BMC also has announced the launch of MyIT 1.5, a business app that allows users to handle various IT tasks from any mobile device. According to Marvin, MyIT helps users save time and money by fixing simple problems on their own instead of going through the company’s IT help desk.

“You give the user control, and you reduce your service costs,” Marvin said. “That’s huge in this market.”

Integrating the use of mobile devices into the enterprise, while also offering self-service opportunities, gives companies the ability to decrease service costs in areas they may be unaware of. The app also offers resources to better educate users on what IT needs and processes can be improved on a day-to-day basis.

“If you can conduct trend analysis and start to create libraries so you can see easy-to-fix issues, you can save money,” Marvin said. “Seconds become dollars when it comes to savings.”



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