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Merchant Warehouse Announces Partnership With Specialized Business Solutions

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Merchant Warehouse, a payment technologies and merchant account services provider, has established an expanded partnership with Specialized Business Solutions (SBS), a POS software developer.

Through the partnership, Keystroke POS, a POS and inventory control system provided by SBS, will integrate with the Genius Customer Engagement Platform from Merchant Warehouse. With this union, Keystroke will be able to deliver a unified solution with stronger PCI compliance to merchants. Genius is a payment technology solution designed to enable merchants to accept a variety of payment, discount and loyalty program options. 

With the Genius integration, SBS will be able to deliver on its “promise of delivering reliable retail solutions for our customers,” said Michael Gebb, President of SBS. “We can expand on this promise as a result of enhanced PCI compliance and the flexibility of a POS solution that can evolve with the market, removing the need for any expensive hardware or software updates. We’re thrilled to bring this integrated solution to our customers and look forward to the additional benefits Genius presents, as well.”



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