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3 Technology Trends That Can Boost Event Results

By Brian Anderson, Associate Editor

A common mistakes marketers fall victim to while hosting an event is not creating a thriving community across channels before, during and after the show.

Whether it is a live event, or an on-demand webinar, improving accessibility across channels is essential to maximizing the effectiveness — and attendee rate — of events.  

During a recent webinar, titled: Technology Trends For Events, Jordan Schwartz, President of Pathable, and Mitch Colleran, Product Manager at Eventbrite, discussed three technology trends that every marketer should take advantage of while preparing and executing their next event.

“Taking advantage of these tech trends is going to do one or more of these three things for you company,” Colleran said. “It’s either cheaper to operate with, it will help you operate your business more efficiently, or it will add utility for your business.”

1. Mobile: Of the three trends highlighted in the webinar, the mobile space has seen the most growth. According to facts shared by Colleran, 85% of Millennials now own a smartphone, and there will be more smartphones on Earth than there are people by the end of 2013. These statistics confirm that implementing a mobile strategy, or adding a mobile component such as an app or optimized site, will help increase awareness and overall audience engagement.

“People are walking around with supercomputers right in their pockets, and I think we are just getting started,” Colleran said. “I think that we will see a lot of mobile innovation once it begins to outnumber desktops. And with the clear growth that the space has seen, supporting use across the spectrum is the best choice.

2. Improving Hardware: With technology in a constant state of flux, it is wise to invest in upgrades to alleviate pressure older software and technology may experience while companies are planning and/or running an event. Colleran spotlighted improvements in credit card readers as an example to explain how new technological innovations can help companies can do more with less time, effort and financial investment.

“In the past, you would need to take several days to set up a credit card terminal,” Colleran said. “Now you can actually have a small piece of hardware attached to your smartphone that can allow you to accept credit card payments. It’s a pretty phenomenal experience, compared to where we were a few years ago”

3. Connected Platforms And Open APIs: Connecting platforms can boost an event’s effectiveness by enabling all content to be transmitted across channels to maximize reach. With the ability to connect and integrate various marketing mediums and media, such as QR codes, to create a more compelling and memorable event experience. For example, new event technology can help attendees connect with each other before live events, schedule meetings and turn connections into leads. 

However, it is important to know the target audience, and what kind of technology or platform would improve their experience, according to Schwartz. “When it comes to the difficulty and the learning curve of a technology, it is worthwhile to segment exactly who will be using it.”



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