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CASE STUDY: Motion Computing Promotes Education & Evangelism In Partner Programs


Companies across verticals, especially healthcare and retail, are taking note of the improved productivity and efficiency that comes with implementing mobile devices within their organizations.

One company turning to the channel to capitalize on this transformation is Motion Computing. The global provider of tablet PCs faced the challenge of standing out to new partners in a marketplace swarming with competition. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Motion’s Tablet PCs operate through Windows and integrate with channel partners’ technology solutions to provide end-users with real-time computing technology at the point of service. The company’s recent addition of the SlateMate, which is armed with a magnetic stripe reader and barcode scanner, provided Motion Computing with an ideal opportunity to boost penetration in the retail space. 

 “While the industry-first CL900 SlateMate definitely introduced a unique offering and differentiator for Motion in the retail space, our tablets have been used in retail settings for years,” said Mike Stinson, VP of Marketing for Motion Computing. “Because of this, we didn’t have to build a channel from scratch and were able to capitalize on our existing network of channel partners and ISVs. Of course, we are always looking for ways to further develop our knowledge and solutions across markets, so we continually look for new partners that specialize in certain verticals.” 

To maximize collaboration and participation among resellers, distributors and ISVs, Motion Computing leverages its Motion Valued Partner (MVP) program, which was created to support the company’s entire network. By including technology resellers, as well as software and hardware providers in the program, the company provides partners with dedicated marketing programs and partner-customized marketing collateral.

Available marketing resources include channel-wide visibility and access to press releases, webinars, social media, and other channels, as well as access to additional marketing tools to help streamline sales content. Access to these resources is especially helpful for ISVs and system integrators in the retail market, which is still evolving, according to Stinson. “The biggest obstacle was finding the rights ISVs and system integrators that truly understood the retail market as well as the mobile computing space,” he said.

Empowering Partneres
For example, Motion Computing works with notable ISVs in the space, including tekservePOS, MagTek and Merchant Link, to release collaborative marketing materials and content collateral. From joint press releases and case studies, to social media campaigns, podcasts, webinars, user conferences, tradeshows, web site presence, brochures and banner ads, Motion Computing aims to increase brand awareness and thought leadership across its channel.

“The recent launch of the MVP Program helps our organization provide partners with marketing, sales and training resources to drive sales effectiveness,” Stinson explained. “With three different tiers, Motion offers the flexibility and customization to meet each of its partners’ needs during every step of the process.” 

Other benefits for MVP Program members include:

  • Participation in joint marketing programs;
  • Participation in lead distribution programs;
  • Discounted demo pricing;
  • Training program options; and
  • Access to additional Motion partners.

However, educating prospects continues to be a challenge for Motion Computing. The growing prevalence of the iPad has sparked tablet interest among retailers and other end-users. Yet, this trend also has caused confusion in the marketplace regarding the definition and features of an enterprise tablet. A primary goal of the organization’s go-to market strategy is to provide the educational resources to prospects, current customers, as well as partners, to differentiate consumer and business devices. 

“It’s essential for retailers to do their due diligence to find a [tablet] device that fits their environment, and not change their processes to support the device’s capabilities,” Stinson said. “A one-size-fits-all approach does not work; instead, retailers need solutions that provide integrated features, can handle essential software applications, are powerful enough to support their workflows and offer the business integration needed for a seamless deployment.” 

During 2012, Motion Computing will further leverage its multi-pronged, go-to-market strategy. To boost awareness in the retail space, the company actively participates in recognized events such as NRF, speaks on conference panels and roll out specific campaigns with retail-focused publications and web sites. Additionally, the company provides evangelism and education through a variety of marketing tools, such as webinars and case studies, and partners with research firms, such as VDC and IDC. 



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